How To Add Syntax Highlighter Code Box With Copy Button In Blogger

What are Syntax Highlighter? And How to add Syntax Highlighter in Blogger Website?

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Do These Questions also come in your Mind about Syntax highlighter Codebox?

Do you know what is Syntax highlighter?
Why add Syntax highlighter to blog post?
How to add Syntax highlighter to blogger post?
How to Add Syntax Highlighter Code Box with Copy Button?

Blogger is one of the best platforms from Google that provides free subdomains to its users with free hosting of websites. You do not need to pay a single amount to make your blog (website) on Google Blogger. It gives you many default themes and options to make your blog (website) look professional and beautiful. Apart from this, you can also apply your own developed or purchased themes.

Every new blogger starts his new journey as blogger. Many people are using Blogger instead of many other platforms like WordPress, Wix etc.

Of course Blogger is free and that's probably why it has many limitations and you can't use any kind of external plug-ins in it like Wordpress and that's why sometimes new users like table or codebox highlighter plug-ins. Confused to set up.

But it is also not that you cannot use any external plugins in blogger website at all, of course, but for this you will have to follow this post and follow all the methods we have told one by one sequentially. Gotta do it!

Demo - Syntax Highlighter Code Box

$("#main-nav #s").blur(function() {
if (0 === this.value.length) this.value = c;
$("#main-nav #s").focus(function() {
if (this.value === c) this.value = "";

Copy Shortcode for Syntaxhighlighter Code Box With particular language


<pre lang="js"><code>$("#main-nav #s").blur(function()...</code></pre>

2. CSS

<pre lang="css"><code>$("#main-nav #s").blur(function()...</code></pre>


<pre lang="html"><code>$("#main-nav #s").blur(function()...</code></pre>

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